Guiberson Consulting grew from the law practice of Samuel Guiberson, whose career focus has been complex cases, often involving voluminous documents, digital discovery, and electronic surveillance evidence. He has developed many of the most successful trial tactics used today by defense lawyers to combat overreaching and manipulative undercover practices in "sting" investigations. Sam is considered to be among the country's foremost experts on recorded evidence

As an outgrowth of his work with recorded evidence, Mr. Guiberson became an early innovator in the use of computer technology in the analysis, management, and trial presentation of undercover and wiretap evidence and other complex discovery. Over the last thirty five years, he has developed evidentiary litigation strategies for some of the nation's largest terrorism, conspiracy, criminal antitrust, tax fraud, political corruption, and sting cases. Sam has particpated in many of his generation's most renowned cases, and his work has been recognized in numerous publications as well as in several books .

Today, most of his professional time is dedicated to serving as an attorney consultant to lawyers in civil and criminal cases around the nation. His primary interest is communications evidence, whether it is recorded conversation, document text, or digital communication. From 1980 to the present, Mr. Guiberson has been a frequent
author and lecturer lecturer on trial technology, criminal defense topics, tape-recorded evidence tactics, technologically assisted discovery analysis, law enforcement technology and the use of technology in the practice of law. Throughout his career, he has been invited to speak throughout the United States and internationally regarding law and technology, surveillance, computer technology and organizational change, and the impact of the Digital Age on privacy, commerce, and culture. He has also produced numerous legal education videos on legal technology, as well as the fifteen hour video series, "Wrongful Convictions: Causes & Remedies", currently part of the wrongful convictions core curriculum at many law schools in this country and abroad.

An active member of a number of professional organizations, Mr. Guiberson has served as chair of the American Bar Association's Criminal Justice Section Committee on Science and Technology and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers' E-Discovery Task Force, Discovery, Legal Technology, and Technology and Law Enforcement Committees. He currently serves as Vice Chair of the NACDL's 4th Amendment Committee and a member of its National Security Committee. He has also served as a member of three consecutive ABA Criminal Justice Section Task Forces on Electronic, Physical, and Transactions Surveillance and has appeared as an expert witness on Internet crime before the United States House and Senate Judiciary Committees.