Books, Articles, Journals & Quotes About Sam Guiberson's Work


Charles Luce on Legal Ethics
Charles F. Luce
August 8th, 2017

Through a Glass Darkly: Using Brain Science and Visual Rhetoric
to Gain a Professional Perspective on Visual Advoacy
Lucille A. Jewel
19 S. Cal. Interdisciplinary Law Journal
237 Winter, 2010
(citing Sam Guiberson's work)

Law on Display: The Digital Transformation of Legal Persuasion and Judgment
(Ex Machina: Law, Technology, and Society)
Neal Ferguson, Christina Spiesel
(citing to article by Sam Guiberson)

The ABA Guide to International Business Negotiations:
A Comparison of Cross-Cultural Issues and Successful Approaches

James R.. Silkenat, Jeffrey M. Aresty, Jacqueline Klosec 3rd Editionk
ABA Section of International Law, 2009
(quoting from Guiberson's 1999 ABA TechShow Keynote)

Managing Mortality
Steven Keeva
ABA Journal, April 2004  

The Potential Use of Courtroom Technology in Terrorism Cases
Frederick I. Lederer
(Paper quoting author's interview with Sam Guiberson)
International Conference on the Legal & Policy Implications of Courtroom Technology,
February 13-14, 2004
Law Practice Management in a Nutshell
Gary A. Munneke
(Paperback - Jan 2003)
(including an excerpt from Guiberson article)

Snap Shot: Sam Guiberson
Law Technology News
January, 2002

The Digital Practice of Law (Digital Practice Series)
Michael R. Arkfeld Paperback - March 1, 2001
(includes page excerpt from Guiberson article)

Reflections of Legal Technology 2001: Expanding Our Vision and Understanding
John A. Cummins
Law Practice Magazine, Summer 2001

Re-creating the Sam Sheppard Murder House
John McCormick
Newsweek, February 28, 2000

The ABA Guide to International Business Negotiations: A Comparisoin of Cross-Cultural Issues and Successful Approaches
James R.. Silkenat, Jeffrey M. Aresty, Jacqueline Klosec 3rd Editionk
ABA Section of International Law, 2009

Transforming Practices: Finding Joy and Satisfaction in the Legal Life
Steven Keeva
Contemporary Books, 1999

Protecting Privacy in Cyberspace:  Technologically challenged courts struggle with how to apply Fourth Amendment protections to electronic communication
Wendy Davis Law News Network, November 29, 1999

Tech Tools at Work:  How Lawyers are Using a Few of Their Favorite Things
Joy M. White
ABA Law Practice Management, Nov/Dec 1999

A Report from TechShow 99
Dennis Kennedy
Legal Technology Strategies Newsletter,
Issue 8, April 1, 1999

ABA tapping judges to join faculty for TECHSHOW 99
Kate Marquess
Chicago Lawyer, March 1999

High-Tech Law Enforcement Going Too Far?
Richard Carelli
Shawnee News-Star Online, May 28, 1998

There's Gold in Them Thar Tapes: Tuning Tapes to the Defense Frequency
The Criminal Practice Report, May 20, 1998

Deleting Cybercrooks
Jon Jefferson
ABA Journal
, October 1997

Terrorism on Trial:  Media Implicated in Fairness Concerns
The Criminal Practice Report, August 27, 1997

Legal Motion:  Houston Law Offices for Sam Guiberson by Scott Strasser Merge Technology with Creativity
Edie Cohen
Interior Design, July 1997

An Interview with Sam Guiberson
David Bilinsky
Litigation Applications, Spring 1997

Budgeting Boom
ABA Journal, August 1996

Of Painters, Sculptors, Quill Pens, and Microchips: Teaching Legal Writers in the Electronic Age
Lucia Ann Silecchia
75 Neb. L. Rev. 802, August 1996
(citing Sam Guiberson's work)

Opening the Mind's Eye: 
How Learning to Think Outside the Box Can Improve Any Practice
Steven Keeva
ABA Journal, June 1996

The Art of Discovery in the Brave New World
Saundra Torry
Washington Post, August 14, 1995

The Wolf at the Door: Searches of Law Offices
BNA Criminal Practice Manual, November 23, 1994

Lawyer Builds Case for Multimedia
Diana Hwang
Computer Reseller News, August 29, 1994

Coyotes & Town Dogs: Earth First! and the Environmental Movement
Susan Zakin
Viking Press, 1993

Language Crimes: The Use and Abuse of Language Evidence in the Courtroom
Dr. Roger Shuy, Professor of Linguistics, Georgetown University
Blackwell Publications, 1993

High-Profile Cases Yield Lessons With Carryover Value
BNA Criminal Practice Manual, September 2, 1992

Monkeywrenching the Monkeywrenchers
Private Eye Magazine (cover story), July 9, 1991

Protector or Provocateur?
Douglas S. Looney
Sports Illustrated, May 1991

Houston Lawyer Joins Defense of EarthFirst! Activist
Harold Scarlett
Houston Post, November 1990

Movement to Face Test in Environmentalist Trial
Jim Morris
Houston Chronicle, November 1990

Computers for Criminal Attorneys
Mark Mahoney, Editor
Mouthpiece, (NYSACDL Newsletter), October 19, 1990

Conversational Analysis Can Turn Tape Cases Around
BNA Criminal Practice Manual, May 16, 1990

Document Analysis in Criminal Litigation
Steven Keeva
ABA Journal, May 1990

Why Litigation Support? The Sky is the Limit
Steve Keeva
ABA Journal, May 1990

Defense Goes High Tech in Houston Fraud Trial
Clara Tuma

Texas Lawyer, March 26, 1990

Daddy's Girl, The Campbell Murder Case
Clifford Irving
Summit Books, 1988

Mallory Horne

Inside the DEA: In the Murky World of Drug Enforcement...
Dale Gieringer
Reason Magazine, December, 1986

Mallory Horne Trial
Miami Herald, September 15, 1985

Taps Losing Their Magic:  Defense Efforts Pay Off
Alexander Stille
The National Law Journal,  April 22, 1985

Undercover Stings: Post-DeLorean Era Could Handcuff Law Enforcement
Reinhardt Krause
Law Enforcement Technology, February 1985

He Turns the Tables on Prosecutors
Reinhardt Krause
Law Enforcement Technology, February 1985

Targeting Lawyers
Timothy S. Robinson
The National Law Journal, January 21, 1985

Dirty Dealing--A True Story of Smuggling, Murder, and the FBI's Biggest Investigation
Gary Cartwright
Atheneum Press (New York), 1984

Videotaped Confessions being Watched in Courts
Richard Gordon
Richmond Times-Dispatch, October 23, 1983

Linguistic Evidence:  Making a Case for Admissibility
Mar Camp Gallagher
Legal Times, July 4, 1983

Defense Entitled to Transcripts of Intercepted Conversation
The Criminal Law Reporter, (Vol. 31, No. 20), The Bureau of National Affairs, August 25, 1982

Civella Attorney Says Tapes Bog Defense
Kansas City Times, July 23, 1982

Technique Developed to Battle Self-Incrimination in Trials Involving Tapes
Paul Wenske
The Sunday Oklahoman, August 23, 1981

Brilab Trial: War of the Tapes
William P. Barrett
The American Lawyer,  January, 1981

Brilab Evidence Best Defense Claim Two Former Defendants
David Guarino
San Antonio Express, November 23, 1980

Brilab Defense Used Tapes as Tools to 'Punish' the Prosecution
Gayle Reaves
Austin American-Statesman, October 27, 1980

How the Brilab Tapes Aided Clayton Defense
William P. Barrett
Dallas Times Herald, October 24, 1980

Texas vs. Davis
Michael Cochran
Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc. (New York), 1980