From Chapter 3 - Reinventing Law in Cyberspace

Lawyers can play a unique role in this process, but first we each have to discover the Internet for ourselves. As ABA TechShow keynote speaker Sam Guiberson noted in 1999, "discovering the Internet is for each of us a meeting with the electronic frontier. Some of us walk away and return to the comfort of doing what we know how to do. Others recognize that the Internet is a collective human consciousness, which is a teaching and learning tool for the entire planet. We are building a new civilization by creating a new economy utilizing Internet technology to spawn it." He aded a warning. He predicted, "Fiercely competitive battles for the electronic frontier's wealth could prevent a digital renaissance from taking hold and bringing prosperity around the globe. We don't know what great advances in civilization have been squandered. The question before us is - which future does the Internet define? Finally, Sam challenged all lawyers to "do our part to sustain the digital revolution by promotingits ethical and ecological use by establishing social projects that are worthy of the Internet itself, and capture the world's imagination in the process." That is where we begin.